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Travel to the Caribbean...where it meets the Atlantic, for a Caribbean yacht charter. There lies, some sixty miles east of Puerto Rico, a chain of 50 or so islands and cays called the British Virgin Islands. Most of these islands are grouped around the Sir Francis Drake Channel, which is renowned as some of the finest and safest sailing waters in the world. With hundreds of secret bays and hidden coves, they have long been a seafarer's haven. Inhabited by the Arawak and Carib indian tribes, and later renamed by Columbus, these virgin islands were once a popular hideaway and hunting ground for buccaneers and pirates. Many of the islands, such as Norman and Thatch, still bear their names, while the waters and the sands still hold their treasure.

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          Map of the Caribbean

Today, the pirates are no more.  But travelers from all over the world still come to this place in the Caribbean to search for the little treasures which nature has hidden here. And be it a lazy afternoon spent chartering, swimming and snorkeling off your own private Caribbean yacht charter, or a barefoot walk along some deserted palm fringed beach, you are sure to leave the British Virgin Islands with memories to treasure.

Map of the British Virgin Islands
Map of the British Virgin Islands
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BVI Weather
Lying just over a thousand miles from the equator, the British Virgin Islands enjoy a balmy sub-tropical climate caressed by constant trade winds. Temperatures rarely drop below 77F in the winter or rise above 90F in the summer. The night temperatures vary by only 10F. 
The warm clear waters offer superb conditions for all water activities, while the many unspoiled beaches make a perfect setting for exploring, romance or relaxation.

Our year is characterized as follows: 
Take a stroll on the beach ... relax and enjoy your holidayWinter
While the US Mainland and much of Europe is locked in the icy grip of winter, the Caribbean enjoys fresh trade winds and abundant sunshine. Short localized rain showers may pass over us but these rarely last for more than 30 minutes. Christmas and New Year are the busiest weeks of the season and the BVI high season is Christmas to April. 
Spring, Summer and Fall
From the middle of April the winter trade winds begin to moderate and we experience a slow increase in daytime temperatures rarely exceeding 90F even in the hottest months of August and September. There is the chance of the occasional afternoon or nighttime showers and the islands take on a fresh green tropical lushness that heralds the arrival of a new season. The Summer and Fall bring on one of our most favorite times of years. There is a gradual reduction in the number of visitors to the islands. Finding a quiet anchorage gets even easier and the snorkeling and diving are fabulous with reduced wave action. 

To see what our weather will be like for the next five days and for your next Caribbean yacht charter, click here to go to the weather site.

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