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Kenricks enjoying their vacation aboard motor yacht La BuscadoraGreat Trip! Far better than I even imagined. Food was out of this world! A major diet is in order. But then I am sure I burned a lot of calories with all the water sports you accommodate. 

I'm not sure how to adjust back to normal day to day after all the wonderful service. I've never been asked so many times "Is there anything I can get you?" I don't want to go home! 

We'll get you those 10 charters for that free trip, I promise!  Take care of yourselves and we'll see you soon. 

- Debbee Dain, July 2001

To the "Crew" Big Thanks!!!! Thanks for the Scuba Lessons. That was a big plus. Great service. Sandie if you ever get tired of the BVI's you can come and run Kahunas Kitchen.
Thanks again.

- Jim Kenrick 
Owner of Kahuna' s bar and grill in Florida, July 2001

Zimmermans & Heidts enjoying their vacation aboard motor yacht La BuscadoraMany, Many thanks for a terrific time! The food was fabulous; the pampering service was first class; the tolerance level for our non-stop childish play and activities was greatly appreciated. 

We'll be back in a flash for all, or any, of the above. 

- Tim and Tamela Zimmerman, May 2001

Zimmermans & Heidts enjoying their holiday aboard power yacht La BuscadoraMike and Sandie, Can't thank you enough for the terrific time. Great people create great times!! You and Sandie are great people and we hope we will see you very soon. 

Mike many thanks for your help on the scuba. It was a memory book down there. Thanks again.

- Bobby and Katie Lawrence, May 2001 

What a wonderful vacation. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would love scuba diving, I would have said no way. I can't wait to come back. Thank you for creating such a perfect balance. Your energy, patience, kindness, sense of humor etc, etc was much appreciated. Please come and visit us on Nantucket, your fan club there is growing! This trip will be with me for a long time - Your boat is just the best.

- Vaughan family vacation, March 2001 

Kayaking while aboard motor yacht La Buscadora
Another memorable vacation our family will never forget! Your both very special and we will miss you….until the next trip, hopefully very soon!
- Marion Wainer March 2001
Your compassion and thoughtfulness are most appreciated; the food, guidance and fishing are most appreciated. Thank you. 
- Henry Wainer March 2001

Powell vacation with power yacht La BuscadoraWe have loved every minute of this trip. I can't tell you how much this has meant to me. Remember something to look forward to and someone to share it with. How can I ever thank-you for sharing a part of your world and life.
Because of the way you make Dee Dee feel, I will love the two of you forever, not to mention the way you make me feel. Sandie thanks for diving with Dee Dee, she loves you so. 

- Ron and Deedee Powell, March 2001   

Powell/Mulligan holiday with power yacht La BuscadoraThis trip has been a dream come true for Carl and me and so much more. Mike thanks for being the Captain that we were told that you were. You knew my fears of the water and you made me feel so safe. 

Sandie you are an angel, your kindness and thoughtfulness is truly a gift. Your cooking was heavenly. We will keep you in our hearts forever.

  - Carl and Jan Mulligan, March 2001



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